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User-Centric Process Management


Our current research into Business Process Management (BPM) is looking into user-centric BPM software solutions and their suitability for the business user audience of process materials rather than for use by the IT department in the development of new systems. The research will seek to identify those products that could fall within a new category for software that better describes their offering than those currently used within the scope of BPM.  It will allow vendors to better identify their capabilities to prospective buyers without the constraint of thinking that the software must support IT development.  It will also allow potential buyers to understand where products have key strengths to enable a better understanding of fit to requirements prior to making key procurement decisions.


Because many user-centric BPM vendors are smaller and innovative, they have been overlooked by the analyst firms and may therefore be discounted by potential buyers. They are, however, the missing piece – a fundamentally important part of the BPM puzzle – and yet they have no commonly agreed category within BPM.  Therefore this is a critically important piece of research both for clients looking for better ways of driving business improvement and for vendors looking to raise their profile in the confused and confusing market of BPM.

Research Outline 

Please contact research@forwardlook.co.uk to let us know that you would like to take part in this exciting area of research.


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