View from the Top

Recession Changes Everything

The trouble with times of recession is that it makes survival considerably harder for the little guy. Economic pressures can become extremely severe and staying afloat every month can become an all-consuming goal. The shift of focus away from growth, R&D and a host of other activities creates a perfect environment for predators. Inevitably, weaker organisations fail or are consumed. At the present time there is a long list of BPM software vendors; some have been around for a long time, some not so long, and all have their respective merits. However, on any list of BPM vendors there are a few disproportionately large organisations with plenty of strength and plenty of cash.

60 Years On

Deming - still going strong

W Edwards Deming's work had a profound effect on management thinking that is still evident today.

In the beginning...

It was sixty years ago that Dr W Edwards Deming was invited to talk about his statistical methods for improvements in industrial production by Kenichi Koyanagi, founding member of JUSE (the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers).  Deming spoke to a number of industrial leaders over the summer of 1950 and impressed on them how changes to their approach could allow them to capture world markets. 

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